Members of Partington Parish Council

Ward 1 – Polling District 2BSB

Cllr Adele New
5 Myrtle Road, Partington M31 4HQ

Cllr Anthony Rudden
8 Walnut Road, Partington M31 4JT

Ward 2 – Polling District 2BSC

Cllr Karen Kanes
23 Wood Lane, Partington M31 4LT

Cllr Jonathan Boyers
1 Elizabeth Road, Partington M31 4PU

Cllr Samantha Morton 

23 The Willows, Partington, M31 4EJ

Ward 3 – Polling District 2BSD

Cllr John Comerford
6 Penrith Close, Partington M31 4PG

Cllr Wayne Edwards
Laneside, River Lane, Partington M31 4DJ

Cllr James Clare
Thornlea, Manchester Road, Partington M31 4DJ

Ward 4 – Polling District 2BSE

Cllr Kevin Watson
10 Cross Lane East, Partington M31 4ER

Cllr Peter Hall
95 Thirlmere Road, Partington, M31 4DJ

The Precept

Our three community improvement workers are still working tirelessly, removing rubbish in and around our community. They will continue to make our area one of the cleanest in Trafford. Their wages are paid by the precept, and they work tirelessly each day from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. promoting the parish council slogan – “Pride in the Community”.

Some residents have the mistaken belief that the community improvement workers carry out works which should be done by Trafford Council, but this is a fallacy. With regards to disposing of fly-tipped rubbish, TBC do not have the facilities to respond immediately to this problem, but due to being on the patch, our men can and do. If fly-tipped rubbish is not cleared quickly, the mess then grows, and others in the area that don’t care quickly add to it. 156 such deposits in the last 12 months have been cleared, which equates to 56.88 tonnes.

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